Saturday, 4 February 2012

What do you write about in your first blog?

WARNING: This is not David Beckham's blog posted from within a city...sorry! 

Worryingly, I seem to have been hit with "writers block" as I attempt to compose my first blog. (Not the most fantastic start for someone aspiring to be a journalist.) Whilst pondering over what topic I should first write about, suggestions consisted of my favourite band, fashion and most bizarrely, public transport. Having disregarded those suggestions, I have decided to talk about the topic that I know like the back of my hand, and which will hopefully give you an insight into the writings behind my blogs, myself.

Where do I begin? My name is Becky and I am a typical eighteen year old girl, stressing over A-levels and constantly worrying at the prospect of not getting into university, nor a pair of Topshop's incredibly tight skinny jeans. Like the majority of teenage girls across the world, I like to shop, sing along to boy bands in my car and immerse myself for hours on end in extremely educational magazines such as Cosmopolitan and heat. After all, girls love a good gossip and an ogle over tanned and topless men. *Cue Zac Efron*. 

Despite these stereotypical characteristics of a girl, I am in fact a sports fanatic, and a big one at that. Participating mainly in netball, rounders and hockey, (back to the stereotypes I know) has transformed me into a competitive person. Now, racing and most importantly, beating my dad to the top of the stairs is a daily routine in my house. But I also enjoy watching and not just playing sport. I become heavily engrossed to the TV when any major sporting competition is on such as the Six Nations, Wimbledon, The Ashes and of course the world's greatest show on earth, the Olympics. Admittedly however, I must have been in the minority of the British population that didn't apply for London 2012 tickets. Paying hundreds of pounds to be lumbered with tickets to see the volleyball just didn't seem appealing to me. However, if I was guaranteed tickets to witness Tom Daley dive, that would be a whole other story. 

One of the most important facts you should know about me is that I love my football. And yes, I do understand the offside rule. Shocking isn't it? I am devoted to Liverpool FC and most importantly to Mr Steven Gerrard. Who can resist his scouse charm? Well apparently most people with taste according to my friends. The ultimate dream is to be a sports journalist or TV presenter. In other words, my goal is to be like Georgie Thompson (former Sky Sports News presenter), but a tad taller. 

So, hopefully if you've enjoyed what you have read then keep reading my blogs but if not, then sorry for wasting your time.

Wow, that felt like I just wrote my personal statement all over again.

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