Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rugby players or football players? That is the question.

From passing comments in the common room regarding rugby and football players, it seems that girls prefer one or the other. It is a battle between men (rugby players) versus boys (football players). However, I seem to be the anomaly in this generalisation and have a strong affinity to both. You may deem this to be greedy, but I like to think of it as a greater appreciation of various body types, excluding the props- I'm not that desperate. (No offence Matt Stevens). 

But what is it that defines this preference? Football players lead a life in the fast lane, with invites to star studded events as they walk the same red carpet as Robert Pattinson, hand in hand with Miss England, drive top of the range sports cars and own million pound mansions from their ridiculously high earnings, undeservedly may I add. However, I wouldn't exactly be complaining if I was a WAG. But let's face it, unless I get a boob job, help from a plastic surgeon, (preferably not Michael Jackson's), a fake tan and most importantly not minding if I were to be cheated on, marrying a footballer is very unlikely, although currently top of my agenda. 

Footballers have the stereotype of being pretty boys- with the exception of Rooney and Ronaldinho - who maintain slender figures and take pride in their appearance (or vain in other words) as they indulge in designer clothing, sunglasses and sparkling silver earrings. Yes Cristiano Ronaldo, I am talking about you. To some, this is incredibly appealing, and who could blame them? Generally footballers are very attractive men, better looking than half of the rugby players who have noses the size of a gorilla's and swollen ears, but some could argue them to be a tad puny.

In comparison, it is the rugby player's extremely muscular build which "attracts the ladies". Of course this includes their derierre which women can't help but admire as they flaunt it in our faces via the camera lens, whilst they bend down into a scrum. *Sighs*. This often leads to my own mum frantically screaming at the TV, not because they have scored a try, but because the camera man has zoomed out. A scrum however, is the only time when men should be witnessed groping other men and is the only scenario where it is acceptable for women to take pleasure in it. Not only do their rippling abs and bulging biceps make us weak at the knees, but rugby players also have a more gentleman-like swag about them than footballers do. They are pictured predominantly on the back pages of the newspaper rather than on the front, with very few resorting to infidelity which the likes of footballers Giggs and Terry have indulged. Nevertheless, who could forget Mike Tindall in last year's World Cup in New Zealand, as the video footage caught him copping a feel down under (pun intended).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are pros and cons for both sets of players, but in reality, a rugby player doesn't need a tennis ball in his briefs like David Beckham does...


  1. Rugby players every time. My only qualm is that they have funny shaped balls ;)

  2. those balls are also harder to handle