Thursday, 26 April 2012

I want to be like Peter Pan

Like every teenager, I eagerly anticipated the prospect of turning 18. Being able to drink legally, not having to fret about getting rejected by SMACK, (the bouncers genuinely scared me, we've all heard the rumours...), being able to vote, receiving a pay rise, and looking forward to finishing school forever, all excited me immensely. However, I have found that turning 18 isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

My hands still tremble like Pete Doherty's as I pass my ID over to bouncers, worried that having dyed my hair I am unrecognisable. I haven't been able to place my vote against Nick Clegg just yet, my pay rise of 98p hasn't bought me the Bentley I've always wanted and I am quite literally an embarrassment to fellow 18 year olds around the globe as today, I found myself admitting that I actually preferred the taste of Coke to alcohol. So unlike Conor Maynard, I don't have a problem saying "no" to the barman. Although, I'm sure my best friend's bathroom would beg to differ. My work load seems to have trebled and stressed me out to the max, having encountered several "nervy bs", all due to the pressure of getting into university. 

But most of all the biggest disappointment of becoming an "adult" is that I failed to receive any Easter eggs this year. Some of you may find this trivial, but for a chocoholic like myself, it felt like I had been stood up on my wedding day. According to my family I am now "too old" to be receiving Easter eggs, yet the other day my dad surprised me with the most amazing and incredible present that I could have ever wished egg holder. This was no ordinary egg holder, it had "Rebecca" written on it and the next morning my dad cooked me a boiled egg with soldiers just so I could use this holder. Hmm, I'm pretty sure my dad's still treating me like a child, so surely I'm entitled to an Easter egg? Apparently not. 

As well as Easter eggs, other things that I miss from being a child are getting into the cinema at cheaper prices, making mud pies, climbing trees and watching Mary-Kate and Ashley films without being judged, apparently it isn't the norm to watch these films at 18? But I definitely don't miss my block fringe and playing "Tig". One of my pet hates is being chased, so when the fastest girl in Junior School (practically Usain Bolt speed) chased me around the playground I very nearly had a cardiac arrest every break time. However, It seems that this hasn't changed as I still get chased as an adult. Unfortunately, this is not by a group of Abercrombie and Fitch models, who are desperately battling it out between each other to get my number, (Hard to believe, I know). I in fact get chased by my so called "friends" down the school corridor, as they hysterically laugh at my misfortune of running into a wall screaming out of terror, as if I'm being chased in a horror film. 

Don't get me wrong, I like the responsibility and independence of being a grown up, and I can't wait to get to university, particularly Freshers week, but I have to pass my A-levels first. However, I hate thinking about my future and what I'm going to do as a career. It was a lot easier being a child. Strangely I didn't dream about becoming a popstar or a ballerina, I in fact wanted to be a hairdresser... But as I can now only do one hair style- straight, I think I'll give that job a miss. 

I want to be like Peter Pan who said "I want always to be a boy, and have fun". Before you question my gender, I am merely referring to staying young and enjoying myself. I am only 18, most definitely a girl, (however I refuse to provide you with evidence), and definitely don't want to be classed as an "adult" if it means I have to decide my future at the age of 18.
Now, hand me that Fruit Shoot...